About Us

We provide services beyond what a law firm can provide.

Alberta Separation was developed by practicing and former lawyers to fulfill a gap in the legal consulting and family law practice industry throughout Alberta. We recognized that when clients seek legal information, generally they reach law firms after searching for help online. Through our many decades of combined experience running and working for law firms, we know that law firms and lawyers generally operate to secure retainers.

  • We provide free legal information and our consultants are paid for the information that they provide, but the payment is not made by the individual client.
  • Law firms keep regular business hours but we operate 24/7. We are therefore able to help you on an emergency or urgent basis and we can provide consultations when it is convenient to our client.

We have representation for you regardless of which part of the province you reside in

We operate across Alberta. As we will explain further below, if you require a resolution for your matters, our lawyers seek to avoid court and resolve matters as cost-effectively and time-efficiently as possible. However, if court is unavoidable, we have experienced trial lawyers that were chosen for their top-notch skillsets. Since 2020, lawyers have been attending court appearances via video link. For this reason, you can select one of our lawyers from anywhere in Alberta regardless of the distance between the lawyer's office and your residence without any travel expense.

Although generally, we do not have to tap into all of our contacts, we have lawyers that can provide in-person representation in Alberta’s largest cities, such as: Edmonton and Calgary.

We represent every part of Alberta including each city and town within each of Alberta's regions

  • Northern Alberta
  • Southern Alberta
  • Central Albert
  • Edmonton
  • Alberta Rockies
  • Jasper, Banff
  • Calgary Metropolitan Area

Our approach

If you contact us via phone, at any time, we will provide you with a free consultation. The consultation is designed to answer any questions that you may have. We also try to understand your circumstances so that we can provide you with free legal information and create a path for you to meet your legal goals or otherwise protect your rights and liabilities.

If you require something more substantive than legal information, we have lawyers available for same-day preparation of legal documents (including separation agreements and divorce documents) or for emergency applications with the court.


We have access to hundreds of experienced lawyers you can count on.


You are our main focus. Getting you the help you need to fight your case is our number one mission.


Our reputation is everything so we continue to give you the best options for legal counsel in your area.


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